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What are ASBVs?

Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) were created to empower you, the commercial producer.

ASBVs are an estimate of an animal's true breeding value based on pedigree and performance recorded information. They enable you the commercial producer, to select rams at ram sales on their genetic merit that more frequently meet you breeding objectives. ASBVs do this by comparing the genetic difference between merino sires across Australia on their genetic merit by using linked sires.

Linked sires are objectively compared on-property and on trial sites through their progeny all across Australia to enable comparisons to be made so the genetic merit of sires can be evaluated. This across the board benchmark enables statisticians to remove the environmental effect of breeding sheep in different areas or raising rams in sheds or on self feeders. Comparisons include, wool quality and quantity traits, management traits, reproductive and growth traits.


Gone are the days of trying to guess what ram is more suited for your enterprise, or blatantly picking the biggest ram!

Click 'Read More' to find out more in the Sheep Genetics website.

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