~Proven Profitable Performers~

~Sheep Especially Bred for Kangaroo Island Conditions~

“Along with our 3 “P”s (Proven, Profitable Performers) and Tom’s 4 “C”s (Conformation, Constitution, Conversion, Coverage)

Deep Dene sheep tick all the boxes for any commercial sheep flock”

Deep Dene have objective data, phenotypic data and Australian Sheep Breeding Values to help you select the best ram team for your property. 

Auction Day 6th November 2020

Inspection 12noon

Auction 2pm

Sale by Nutrien Ag Solutions Kingscote | Auctioneer Paul Jardine

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Deep Dene 2020
Poll Merino Ram Sale

Lloyd, Christine and Caitlin Berry are proud to present their 2019 drop Poll Merino Rams for their 52nd annual Poll Merino Ram sale. 

~Sale 6th November 2020 on Kangaroo Island~

Berry Partners Deep Dene will have 80 Poll Merino Rams with exceptional figures at affordable prices, up for Auction at the 2020 Annual Poll Merino Ram Sale.

The 2019 mating season saw six Deep Dene sires and Moorundie's NE73 evaluated. Being the fourth year of linking up Deep Dene Poll Merino Sires to Sheep Genetics, they are still reliant on the linkage and accuracy of the linked sire used. 

Linkage was provided through Moorundie's NE73 who was selected as he has an exception style of wool, on a large safe frame, with good growth traits. He has been used been used widely around Australia, with over 1000 progeny dropped on 16 different properties his linkage and accuracy are exceptional.

Deep Dene sires 160036 (between year link), 160318, 170147, 170397 and 170472 were evaluated. All sire progeny are exhibiting impressive confirmation, growth and wool characteristics.

160036 progeny are growing exceptionally well in the Kangaroo Island environment, we're really pleased with the progeny between Deep Dene ewes and Centre Plus 407185's son. Cross this guy's progeny with long stapled ewes to get some more density to increase CFW/ha.

160318 progeny are exhibiting excellent SL, FDCVs and CFW production traits. This easy-care ram also has low breech wrinkle, body wrinkle and low dag scores. Progeny from this ram are well suited to med-high rainfall zones.

170472 is the son of one of Deep Dene's favourite sires 150542, with superior constitution, confirmation, conversion and coverage. Tom Padbury classed him the #1 ram for our 2017-year drop. He's expressing good growth, wool quality, WEC, exceptional CFW and is highly suited to med-high rainfall zones. Progeny from this ram have low body wrinkle, breech wrinkle and DAG. They also have lighter birthweight and have high growth rates.

 170397 was classed as the top wool quality ram for our 2017-year drop. He has exceptional SL, CFW and wool brightness. Added with his low body and breech wrinkle traits progeny from this ram will be highly sought after. 

Progeny from 170147 all have high CFW, SL and low microns. 


Deep Dene continue to be excited about bench-marking their figures with rams all across Australia and are seeing very productive benefits in selecting sires with ASBVs for their nucleus and commercial mobs. 

Click '2020 SG Catalogue' to view Deep Dene's 2020 Sheep Genetics catalogue.

Click '2020 pdf Catalogue' to view or print raw objective and a selection of ASBVs.

2020 Poll Merino Ram Sale Catalogue Coming Soon!

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