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What they're about

Berry Partners Deep Dene commercially run 6800 DSEs of Poll Merinos on a 1200ha property on Kangaroo Island; run by partners Lloyd and Christine Berry and more recently their daughter Caitlin Berry. Their property is a mixed enterprise with 400 hectares of commerically run Merinos, 580 hectares sown annually to crop and the remaining fenced off for native scrubland, watercourses and their million direct seeded trees.

As part of their enterprise they have a self replacing breeding program where they use objective measurements and phenotypic classing methods to select productive low maintenance merinos and have done so since 1967. This part of our enterprise is called Deep Dene Poll Merino Stud. Named by the late Dawn Berry after a loved forest from her forebears in England. 

In 2016 Berry Partners Deep Dene implemented Australia's largest across flock bench-marking system, Sheep Genetics Australia (SGA), into their enterprise. This enables them and their clients to better select rams and ewes that are genetically superior sheep with the use of Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV). SGA compares the genetic difference between merino sires across Australia on their genetic merit by using linked sires. ASBV's now are common place among our other classing methods to continually produce proven, profitable, performers.


Meet The Team

Lloyd Berry

Lloyd's parents settled here in 1955 and Lloyd is the 2nd generation on Deep Dene. He has extensive knowledge in sheep breeding and management. He also manages Berry Partners cropping program consisting of canola, wheat lupins & broad beans plus he has an electrical trade.  He has a gift with machinery. His passions are productive healthy crops and highly productive low maintenance merinos.

Christine Berry

Christine is a partner in Berry Partners Deep Dene and wife to Lloyd. She has widespread knowledge in finances, management, record keeping, budgets,  sheep breeding, and is a first class farm hand. Her passions are healthy merinos grazing good quality pastures. She has always wanted to wear a garment made from wool grown from her sheep and this is the reason she is a director and currently holds Chair of Kangaroo Island Wool.


Caitlin Berry

Caitlin is the 3rd generation farmer and daughter of Lloyd and Christine. Studied a Bachelor of Science (Animal Science) at The University of Adelaide and a Certificate III in Agriculture at TAFE. Her passions are breeding high quality merinos, nutrition, welfare, husbandry and working on a sustainable, productive healthy farm.