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Breeding for the Commercial Producer

Deep Dene have run a commercial enterprise for over 60 years and have benchmarked against other farmers for over 30 years, they understand the importance of making your sheep work for you.

Their breeding objectives are simple, low maintenance sheep that are proven profitable performers.

How Berry Partners Deep Dene accomplish this is backed using three methods.

Our objective at Deep Dene is simple: to retain the most profitable sheep throughout their lifetime. We achieve this by prioritizing the best phenotype (actual performance) and the best genotype (progeny performance).

Guided by these principles, we focus on income traits that directly impact your bottom line:

  1. Fleece Weight: Maximizing the quantity of high-quality wool.

  2. Fibre Diameter: Selecting sheep with desirable micron ranges for premium fiber.

  3. Fertility: Ensuring high reproductive rates for increased lamb production.

  4. Body Weight: Promoting optimal growth and market readiness.

  5. Staple Length: Facilitating efficient shearing and improved processing.

  6. Staple Strength: Enhancing the durability and value of the wool.

At Deep Dene, we understand that unlocking the true income potential goes beyond these traits. That's why we also emphasize the following factors:

  1. Constitution (Doing Ability): Selecting sheep with robust health and resilience.

  2. Confirmation: Ensuring proper body structure and muscling for optimal performance.

  3. Conversion: Promoting efficient feed utilization and weight gain.

  4. Coverage: Offering sheep with excellent wool coverage for protection and market appeal.

  5. Longevity: Retaining sheep that exhibit long-term productivity and profitability.

We also prioritize traits that reduce costs and boost efficiency:

  1. Low Body Wrinkle: Minimizing the risk of flystrike and associated costs.

  2. Open Face: Reducing labor-intensive shearing around the face area.

  3. Poll: Eliminating the need for mulesing and associated expenses.

  4. Low Breech Wool Cover: Lowering the susceptibility to flystrike and dag-related issues.

  5. Wool Quality: Focusing on low fleece rot and flystrike occurrences for superior wool value.

  6. Worm and Dag Resistance: Breeding sheep with natural resistance to reduce treatment expenses.

  7. Evenness: Promoting uniformity in traits to optimize selling costs.

At Deep Dene, our strategic sheep classing ensures that every aspect of your flock contributes to profitability. Join us in embracing a new era of market success and elevated returns with our meticulously selected and bred sheep.


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