Breeding for the Commercial Producer

Deep Dene have run a commercial enterprise for over 60 years and have benchmarked against other farmers for over 30 years, they understand the importance of making your sheep work for you.

Our breeding objectives are simple, low maintenance sheep that are proven profitable performers.

How Berry Partners Deep Dene accomplish this is backed using three methods.

4 C's


Constitution: The mental and physical condition of the animal that gives it the ability to want to survive…its inherent desire to thrive and withstand stress and disease


Confirmation:  The merging together of the various parts of the animal into one flowing, well balanced, symmetrical shape, with special emphasis on balance and outlook.  The correct correlation of these body parts will enhance increased production


Conversion:  The ability of the animal to convert its food intake and maximise its inherent potential to produce adequate qualities of wool and meat and to adjust to its environment


Covering:  A deep, loose pliable, productive skin, rich in colour, indicating an ample blood supply and an ability to support the desired staple length, structure and formation.  And of course, plenty of the highest quality, rich, bright white wool

3 P's


Deep Dene Sires must be Proven, Profitable, Performers. Deep Dene works with this philosophy  to ensure breeding rams and ewes objectively produce low micron, heavy clean fleeces on a safe straight sheep.

All progeny from sires are measured objectively in both stud and commercial mobs to ensure every Deep Dene sire is producing profitable performers.

Deep Dene have benchmarked their business for over 30 years to make certain their rams are proven to be profitable per hectare in their commercial enterprise.

Deep Dene manages all their merinos with the same care to ensure no set backs due to nutrition and disease. All our sheep are vaccinated with Gudair, Glanvac 3in1, Scabigard and B12 & Selenium.

Click HERE to see Berry Partners latest bench-marking figures from Farm Owners Academy




Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) were created to empower you, the commercial producer. ASBVs are an estimate of an animal's true breeding value based on pedigree and performance recorded information. They enable you the commercial producer, to select rams at ram sales on their genetic merit that more frequently meet you breeding objectives.

ASBVs do this by comparing the genetic difference between merino sires across Australia on their genetic merit by using linked sires.


Linked sires are objectively compared on-property and on trial sites through they're progeny all across Australia to enable comparisons to be made on each sire. This across the board benchmark enables statisticians to remove the environmental effect of breeding sheep in different areas or raising rams in sheds or on self feeders. Comparisons include, wool quality and quantity traits, management traits, reproductive and growth traits.


Gone are the days of trying to guess what ram is more suited for your enterprise, or blatantly picking the biggest ram!

Deep Dene utilise these linked sires through A.I. programs. To increase the linkage on farm, the Deep Dene crew catch and collect dam and birth weight data of lambs born from their 300 nucleus ewes. This enables the Deep Dene sire progeny to grow up alongside linked progeny giving ASBVs and increased linkage. By 2020 Deep Dene will have linked progeny dropping on their farm from Deep Dene bloodlines.

Deep Dene has found ASBVs have added another layer of information to their bloodlines and sires. ASBVs increase the ability to select sires that are proven to produce highly profitable progeny, consistently. 

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