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Our Stud

~ Sheep especially bred for Kangaroo Island Conditions ~

While our breeding objective is simple our selection process is extensive. 

The more we record the more our clients are able to select rams that suit there own breeding objectives.

We embrace variation on Berry Partners Deep Dene as it allows us to breed sheep that suit any production system where one of the key traits is high CFW. 

Some of our other selection criteria include staple length, colour and density to ensure wool grows freely without colour or fleece rot. Low WEC (worm egg count) to reduce drenching frequency. Birth weight and Growth to decrease turn off time for merino and terminal lambs. Maternal ability to ensure ewes are raising their lambs. We measure all fleece quality traits to ensure wool is a lower micron and has good even formation. 

Mothering Up

Maternal Ability

Pedigree Recording


Birth Weights

Birth Type

Rear Type

Performance Recording

Fleece testing

Fleece Weighing

Subjective Classing

 - Constitution

 - Confirmation

 - Conversion

 - Covering

Growth Traits

Individual WECs

Commercially Run

Raised on grass

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